Howard R Smith 'My Story'

Howard R Smith

My name is Howard R Smith, I am seventy-three years of age and all my of working life I worked as an engineer at sea and on land. 

In 1993 I had a bad accident caused by a security guard. My left hand was crushed which bought about my parting with engineering. 

I had always had joy in reading crime novels and one day thought, I wonder if I could write one?

So I did. 

Trying to get it published I sent the copy away and after seventeen rejections I gave up and the manuscript lay for ten years in the spare bedroom which was being used as a store room at the time. 

One day, she who must be obeyed (the wife) said that it had to be sorted out. During the clear out I came across the work and thought should I or not try again? I did and the rest is history. 

I had my first novel published “One Too Many” then the second “Lightning never strikes twice” (fitting title!) and third “Kiss me goodnight” and I am currently writing my fourth “The Silence of Fear”.

My publishing company Athena Press and agent have agreed for and commissioned a further three. 

I was asked to write a post for Writer’s Digs to share my story. The post is short but the length of time it had taken to get published wasn’t. What I have to say to all of you who are writing and feel you are getting nowhere is never give up. It took ten years for me to get my first novel published and look at me now. 

I wish you all every success and I hope to write an update in the future. 

Howard R Smith

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