Wage War With Writers Block

As writers, we have all been there. That dark, lonely isolating place that is writers block. It’s a demon that digs it claws somewhere deep inside of you until you’re writhing in utter agony, the only thing strong enough to defeat it being that eureka moment we all so desperately crave. 
This demon can have hold of us for minutes, hours, days, months! and like fools, we listen to its mocking taunts and soul destroying whispers. “You’re not good enough” “Did you honestly think you could write?” “Who on Earth would read that!” 
As a writer, I’ve had enough. This demon has had its claw buried in all of us for too long, so I say enough is enough! I say it’s time all of us writers who have had our souls beaten down and trodden on by this demon to make a stand, for I my lovely's shall reveal the only true way to destroy the demon that is writer’s block and free us all from its rusted shackles that are doubt. 
To Write. 
Sounds crazy doesn’t it? The way to beat the demon is to do the one thing it’s stopping you from doing… write. 
I can promise you, as one who is forever in battle with this demon I have defeated it many of times by doing this. I won’t deny that this creature is relentless but each time it returns, shackles at the ready… it’s weaker. 
So as one writer to another I urge you to open your laptop, put pen to paper, feel the press of the keys as you type on your keyboard and wage war with writers block. 
Everyday, write something. It doesn’t have to be literary genius, it can be a description of what you had for breakfast, a passing thought about something you’d watched on TV or just a rant about life in general because with every word you write you are firing bullets at the demon charging towards you and with every sentence your bullets gain momentum until eventually, the demon cowers, releasing its hold on you as it runs with its monstrous tail between its legs off to lick its wounds. 
It is then my fellow writers that the literary genius will come. 
I am in battle right now… come join me. 

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  1. I am with you all of the way!!!!


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