30 Day Writing Challenge to Kick Start Your Novel

We all love a good writing challenge but I’ve noticed that most writing challenges out there are mainly just things to write about with the aim of getting your creativity flowing. I Wanted to do something different, I wanted to create a challenge that helps us with the reason that we were looking for a writing challenge in the first place… our novel.

Over the next 30 days, follow these steps and by the end of this challenge you’ll have the kick start to your novel you need.

Good luck!

Day 1 - Create your main character.
What is their name?
What do they look like?
How old are they?

Day 2 - Create a back story for your main character.
If you don't know your character, how will your reader?

Day 3 - What does your main character want? What are their goals?

Day 4 - Create your main characters friends/ acquaintances.
What do they bring to the story/ to your character?
If they bring nothing, they are not needed. 

Day 5 - Create your antagonist.
What is their name?
What do they look like?
How old are they?

Day 6 - Create a back story for your antagonist
Your antagonist is as important as your main character - Get to know them. 

Day 7 - What does your antagonist want? What are their goals? What makes them your stories antagonist?

Day 8 - Write 5+ possible things your antagonist may do to stop your protagonist getting what they want.

Day 9 - Write 5+ possible things your protagonist may do to stop your antagonist getting what they want.

Day 10 - What are the main obstacles your main character has to overcome?
Emotional, physical etc.

Day 11 - What is the worst things that can happen in your book?
Go into detail, why are these the worst things that can happen?

Day 12 - What is the point of your book?
If you don't know this by now, repeat the last 11 steps. 

Day 13 - Create your main setting.
Why this setting?
What does it bring to the story?

Day 14 - Write a synopsis.

Days 15 - 20 - Spend these five days focusing on reading a book in the genre you plan to write.
Writers must read and there is no better inspiration to start writing than reading a good book.

Day 21 - Create a beginning, middle and end.
Focus on the main plot only. 

Day 22 - Create a sup-plot.

Day 23 - Write down all the questions about your novel you can possibly think of so you can answer them throughout the writing process.
Add to these questions constantly throughout the writing process.
For example: Why does this happen? Who is this character and what does he/she/they bring to the book? Is this necessary - why? If this happens, what are the possibilities it could lead to?
When writer's block takes hold, use that time to answer these questions.

Day 24 - 29 - Plan chapters 1 - 5

Day 30 - Begin writing!

Bonus! Try to write with no edits or read overs 5+ chapters at a time. You will be surprised at how much you get done.
Reading your work over and editing when you are nowhere near finished takes up valuable time and can seriously hinder your progress considering you are going to edit at the end anyway!


Go you! You’ve completed your 30 day writing challenge and have one hell of a start on your novel.
Now it’s down to you.
Use what you’ve done so far to continue the process.
Persistence and commitment are key, write something daily and you will finish your novel in no time.

Happy writing.

J A Shaw

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