Our World

Our world

O' to be in a world where life is fair
where no one made fun of your clothes or hair
to be in a world where equality thrived
and money didn't control the majority's lives
would be a world that I would covet
a world where we looked out for one and other

A world where neighbours spoke to neighbours
and postcodes didn't separate the races
this world where I long to be
can not only exist in me
a world where we can walk the streets
without the fear of gangs, knives and thieves

A world where war didn't exist
and those lives lost to crime had no need to be missed
A world where no one has heard of terrorism
where countries pull together and share their wisdom
A world where religion didn't separate humanity
a place where no one is lost in their vanity
A world where people live as one
pull together and work as one

A world where no matter the colour of your skin
every person sees what is truly within
A world where peace flows through the nations
can not only exist in my imagination

We live in a world that is not fair
where people make fun of your clothes and hair
a place where equality does not thrive
and money controls the majority's lives

We live in a world where neighbours don't speak to neighbours
and postcodes do separate the races
A world where we can't walk the streets
because of the fear of gangs, knives and theives

And in our world war does exist
and those lost to crime are sadly missed
where we always hear of terrorism
and countries don't pull together to share their wisdom

Where religion separates humanity
and men and women are lost in their vanity
In our world we don't live as one
we don't pull together and work as one

Our world judges the colour of our skin
and doesn't see what is truly within
and peace doesn't flow through the nations
and bombs go off in train and bus stations

So what of this world that we do live in
it can change if we are willing
It can change if we pull together
hold our heads high and stand together
because if we all stand as one
the world will be the world we want

J A Shaw

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