Remember me

Everyday I watch as your beaming smile slowly fades
And watch as the light behind your eyes withdraws with every passing minute
The strength I know you once had is used up on fighting tears 
And the lonely battle you fight with yourself is one hidden behind false laughter
I catch each tear you brush away though now my hands are getting heavy
And every time you fake that smile my heavy burden grows  
I beg for you to listen, to accept you can not cope 
But every time you shut the door and ignore the fact I'm here
I'm trapped inside your head and your crumbling away around me
Pieces of you crashing down like rocks and the ground that is you beneath me is shaking 
My throat is sore from screaming but I have to make you listen
For every time you cry I feel it, trapped inside this prison
You pretend that you don't know me, that I never did exist
but the photos on your wall prove you felt me, your long lost happiness
We used to work together, be united as one
But now you've built this cage around me and I fear depressions won
So I'll stay here in the darkness but know that I've never left
I know one day you'l come back to me and see all our happy memories that I've kept
So when you're ready listen out for me because I'l be calling your name
And know if you look deep enough my lights still burning just the same

J A Shaw

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