Review of The Professional Part 1 by Kresley Cole

Kresley ColeAs a huge fan of everything that is ‘Kresley Cole’ and in serious withdrawal mode waiting for the next instalment of her incredibly addictive ‘IAD’ series, it was understandable that when I heard of the release of The Professional Part 1, I HAD TO HAVE IT. For ages I put it off, refusing to purchase it until all three instalments were released and fighting back the tears, spurts of anger and brief moments of hatred for all things around me (everything seeming to remind me that out there, just one click away, the one thing that would feed my craving was available –and for only 99p!) I managed it. I forced myself to wait and trust me when I say… it was totally worth it.
So used to Kresley Cole’s adult fantasy, I was in two minds of how I would react to a three part serial with no Valkyries, vampires or werewolves in sight… I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Yet again, Kresley has pulled out a blinder! Our heroine is as humorous and snarky as ever (could have totally seen her being a Valkyrie!) and our brooding alpha male Sevastyan is as sexy, mysterious and dangerously intriguing as all the rest of KC’s heroes we have come to know and want… huhum, sorry, love. Yes, The Professional has definitely matched up to the incredibly high standards of the rest of her literary work.
Told through the point of view of tantalising red head Natalie Porter, a twenty-four year old virgin farm girl from Nebraska, KC introduces The Game Maker series with a bang. Taking us into the farfetched yet somehow believable world of the Russian Mafiya, we see how -after working her fingers to the bone in three jobs while studying for her history PHD- Natalie finally manages to track down her birth father; though what follows was far from anything she and we could have ever dreamed. Natalie is suddenly thrown into a world which is far from the innocent Nebraska lifestyle she grew up in and to top it all off, Sevastyan ‘the Siberian’, the Bratva’s top mob enforcer; her bodyguard, had captured her sights in the darkest of ways…
This book kept me page turning to the very end and finishing on a hot, steamy, TEASING cliff-hanger (Kresley you naughty lady!) I am dying to get cracking with the next instalment!
Kresley Cole Book Review

Kresley Cole is famous for not only her incredible erotic writing skills but her ability to create a story that pulls you in and keeps you page turning to the very end, then biting your nails till your fingers are raw while you’re waiting for the next book to be released! The Professional did this. 

Kresley hit the nail on the head. You go KC!
Hot, enthralling and extremely addictive, The Professional is most definitely one for your reading bucket list.
Written by J A Shaw

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