Review: The Poison Princess by Kresley Cole (The Arcana Chronicles)

I am well aware this blog is beginning to look like more of a Kresley Cole fan site, but after finishing all three books in her series The Arcana Chronicles in like a week, I just knew I had to review them.
The Poison Princess

This incredible piece of work literally has everything.Teen drama, love, hate, passion; magic, zombies, the apocalypse! Need I say more?

So, I suppose I’d better stop this nattering and get reviewing.

The Poison Princess is the first book in the series, written in fist person as the character Evie Green.

Evie is a typical sixteen year old girl, she goes to high school and has a great group of friends but for the past year she has been hiding a secret.

Unknown to her friends, for the past year Evie had been fiercely battling with her mental health. Though on the outside to everyone else she was just the same old Evie, daily she was struggling with twisted apocalyptic visions and tormenting voices. Oh… and plants being attracted to her (Just thought I’d throw that in there!).

Just when Evie felt she couldn’t possibly take anymore a Cajun spanner by the name of Jack is thrown into the works.

Something about Jack fascinated Evie. From the wrong side of the Bayou, Jack was a force to be reckoned with; the deep scars on his knuckles a warning to anyone who dared to press on his patience, but the line between lust and hate for Evie was thin.

Throughout this book we hang off of every paragraph as the unlikely pairs romance blossoms with a constant ‘will they won’t they’ feel to their journey.

After the ‘Flash’ -the apocalyptic disaster that destroyed most of the world along with her best friends- Evie is left alone with no family and only the Cajun to rely on. It is then that she finds out she is more than just a mentally ill teenager and instead she is The Empress -the same one pictured on Tarot cards; in fact, that the cards themselves were created to commemorate her and twenty-one other kids with otherworldly abilities.

It is then that Evie also discovers that not only is she a Major Arcana but that she is unwillingly in the middle of a supernatural fight to the death game between all the Arcana's… and only one will survive.

Their prize: Immortality.

As Evie and Jack cross the country in search for her grandmother in hope that they can end the game, we are left biting our fingers down to bone as they trek through zombie ridden towns (Bagmen), slaver territories and cannibals mines collecting other Arcana kids along the way, each one hungry for icons and drawn to the promised prize of immortality.

This book truly is one of the best books I have ever read. Kresley’s originality and just sheer genius is mind boggling.

Her take on how lonely and misunderstood people struggling with mental health problems can be at the beginning of the book is admirable and her ability to write a series that truly does have everything a fantasy fanatic could ever wish for is well… I take my hat of to you Miss Cole.

If you're looking for a series that will have you calling in sick to school or work so you can read just one more page this really is the series for you.

I’ve left a lot out of this review as this book is a constant page turner with twists and turns everywhere so I hope you appreciate the non spoilers when you come to read them.

Happy reading.

J A Shaw.

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