Exercises That Will Help You to Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing is a process of permanent improvement of your language and style. In this sphere, the perfection never comes although you need to struggle to achieve this result. Even professional and well-known writers perform everyday work to enhance their writing skill and develop new opportunities for their language. For an ordinary person, writing seems something uncomplicated and easily understandable. However, when a person tries to write something, even a business letter to the colleagues, he faces various problems. What words should I choose? How should I build the sentences? Does the meaning of this word correspond to the context? If you have met problems with the writing, you definitely need to know how to overcome them. In this article, you can read several methods that will help you write better. You can unleash your inner writer simply adhering these tips. So, begin:

Investigate thesaurus

When we write, we use the words that we commonly use in our everyday life. This is called an active vocabulary. Our passive vocabulary is wider and it includes thousands of words and word combinations. If you can't recall all of them when you write something, just use the thesaurus. It will help you clarify the meaning of the word and provide you with several examples of the words with the common meanings that are different in some small peculiarities. Thus, you will be able to find a word that describes your idea perfectly.

Play with word associations

To write flawlessly, you need to be able to create images in the heads of your readers. Sometimes, to create a proper image it is not enough to choose a word with a particular meaning. You need to go further and discover the associative link to this meaning. 

Edit and proofread

Editing and proofreading are two important skills for an advanced writing. However, before you start to edit yourself, you need to edit texts written by other people.  It will help you understand the common mistakes, different types of styles (and how authors to mix them in the writing), unappropriated structures, etc. It is difficult to notice all these mistakes in your own writing, so you need to get at least some experience.

Try different styles

If you write only a business letter, try to write a fiction story. This method is helpful in several ways. The first one, to write good you have to practice a lot. Secondly, when you choose another field of activity, you brain processes start to activate and you become more open to getting new knowledge and enhance the skills that you have. And thirdly, writing something unusual wakes up your creativity and opens new prospects for your writing development. Also, you may try to write on subjects that you do not know. First, you investigate it, and then you try to compile everything in a piece of writing.

Work on your grammar and spelling

You cannot write sufficiently when you do not know at least basic rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If you misplace apostrophes, confuse you and you’re, mix fewer and less, you cannot write professionally. Of course, modern text editors automatically check and fix your mistakes, but sometimes it is not enough. To enhance your practical skills of writing, you can use apps that are intended to improve your English knowledge. These apps are generally developed for non-native speakers, but they can also be useful for those whose mother tongue is English.

These 5 exercises are easy to perform every day. They do not require too much time and you can do them when you have 5 or 10 minutes of free time at work or before you go to sleep. To get a better effect, use all of them, and they will help you to master your writing skill in a couple of weeks. After several months of regular exercising, you will notice that your writing will become so good that you can even want to write some book or a story to become a published author. 

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