Tips for Writing Unique Content Like a Pro

Tips for writing unique content
Written by Christina Battons
In today’s world of content writing, producing high quality and unique content is a prerequisite for gaining top ranking by most search engines. Even though writing is a passion for many, not everyone is keen on providing unique content, which is rather demoralising. Instead of writing original texts, some writers try to use shortcuts and duplicate material from other websites, which not only taints the profession of content writing but throws shade on the value of being honest and professional when writing content. 

Apparently, not many people understand what plagiarism is and what its consequences are. It’s like they don’t have a clue on what differentiates original text and plagiarised content. And instead of writing for themselves, they choose to duplicate content from other websites and pass the copied material to unsuspecting clients. 

Well, for starters, plagiarism is using someone else’s written ideas as your own without acknowledging the author. Simply put, plagiarism is intellectual theft, and those who engage in it are no better than pirates, who thrive on stealing other people’s intellectual property. 

To aspiring writers, there are many ways through which one can produce original content without copying another person’s work. 

This article looks at how a writer can produce top-quality original content without plagiarism. So, begin:

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Rule Number 1: Avoid Plagiarism

Before attempting any writing project, it is best to first learn about the far-reaching consequences of plagiarism. Plagiarism is intellectual theft, and it is a serious offence. A person who plagiarises material, also known as a plagiarist, is not respected in the writing sector and is forever viewed with suspicion. 

The consequences of plagiarism include destroying the reputation  and legal repercussions. Therefore, it is extremely important for an aspiring writer to avoid plagiarism, especially now that there is quite many effective plagiarism detection software available online. Every day, many writers are busted for plagiarising online content, and most of them claim they only did it out of ignorance. 

As it seems, many writers do not understand the basic techniques for avoiding plagiarism. Here are a few effective ones:
  1. You must use quotation marks whenever you use the language of the source and cite the source accordingly;
  2. If you don't write from scratch, you must cite it;
  3. Paraphrasing is not advisable.
The cardinal rule in the world of content writing is to always be original and to avoid plagiarism, because this way, you’ll be able to come up with great content that is not only unique but original and interesting to read. 

Rule Number 2: Find your own voice and apply it to a unique style

To enable you to write unique content every day, you need to find your voice as a writer. This means that you need to establish your authorial personality each time you write. Every writer has his or her own writing style, and the earlier you develop your own, the easier it will be for you to write text each day. This is because the voice of writing comes from within yourself. Hence, it won't be difficult to express yourself when writing using your voice compared to when you copy another person’s style. It is easy to maintain a style you own than a copied one. 

Rule Number 3: Use plagiarism detection software

With the advent of technology, many programs have been coded to detect instances of plagiarism. You only need to highlight a particular section of the text, and it will compare the similarity index with other articles published online. These plagiarism checkers have been quite effective in catching incompetent writers who steal other people’s content. 

There are many effective plagiarism detection softwares that can help you reduce the chances of publishing unoriginal content. Sometimes, considering that writers engage extensive research in developing comprehensive content, there may be cases of verbatim plagiarism. 

However, before publishing the content, it is recommended that you use the effective plagiarism detection software to detect unoriginal phrases in your text and edit them accordingly. Prevention is better than cure, and considering that it’s almost impossible to reverse the ramifications of plagiarism, the use of this software can help you reduce chances of posting plagiarised content. 

Rule Number 4: Apply own reasoning

Rather than copy word by word from any information resource, it is advisable to use your own reasoning so that you explain concepts how you understand them. This way, the content will be written unique and original. People make the mistakes rewriting content using synonyms just to avoid the plagiarism detection. However, this is not right at all. 

Instead, experts advise to read the information resource to get an understanding of the concepts you are researching on. Then, using this understanding, explain the concept how you understand it, and not how the original author had expressed it. This technique will not only improve your writing style but will enhance your writer voice as well. Additionally, it will train you to develop unique content every time you write.

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If you'll engage these pointers when writing content, you will never have problems with plagiarism. Additionally, you can subscribe to plagiarism checking software that is readily available online.  
Also, if you apply your own reasoning, the text will come out unique, especially since you have used your critical thinking to 
conjure original words to structure into an essay. It is better to be cautious than sorry. 

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