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As a writer, I found that as wonderful as the world wide web is, the support out there for new and aspiring writers can sometimes be quite limited.

I wanted to change that.

There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs and websites out there giving you tips on 'how to get published' but I wanted to do something different, I wanted to write content filled with inspiration, tips and ideas that will keep your creative juices flowing and that's what this blog is all about... a blog dedicated to all parts of the writing process.

From the very first moment you think of the idea that would soon be your book, to the depression that takes hold when writer's block gets its hands on you, to the plot twists and cliffhangers every writer aspires to write to perfection and that seemingly unclimbable mountain that stands between you and the ending of your book, that's what this blog is about: Being there for you and helping you along your writing journey.

No one can write your story like you can.
Don't deny the world a little piece of you by giving up on your talent.


Editor in Chief, J A Shaw
Writer's Digs

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